Looking to adapt a campaign for the Quebec market?

Increasingly, I’ve been noticing that many brands do not adapt their campaign for the Quebec market – they simply translate the campaign, but fail to make contests available, and fail to take into consideration many important differences between the Francophone culture in Quebec and the culture in the Rest of Canada (ROC).

  • Did you know that making a contest available in Quebec is not that difficult? The rules may be different, but failing to make your contest available in Quebec means failing to reach 8 million potential customers.

Contest rules are not all that differ in Quebec. Unfortunately, translating a marketing campaign is simply not enough. Quebec audiences have different values, a different culture and a different star system. Quebeckers give a lot of importance to a brand making a visible effort to become and stay relevant in the province. Audiences know when a campaign has been quickly translated without an effort to make the necessary adaptations – and are less likely to feel concerned, making them less likely to become customers.

Quebeckers are less likely to find a marketing campaign to be relevant if it hasn’t been adapted to their reality. And if it does not affect them emotionally, why would they buy?

Adapting a campaign for the Quebec market is easy – it simply requires a little flexibility! 

I can help.

If you want to adapt a marketing campaign to reach audiences in Quebec, or simply run a contest in the province, contact me!

I am a Francophone public relations and marketing specialist, with over 6 years experience working in communications in Quebec. I am also fully bilingual and well traveled – making me a pro at observing cultural differences.

Having worked for the Montreal Canadiens, the NHL’s only team dealing with the duality of languages, as well as many events in Montreal with international reach, I know about the importance of translation, adaptation, and having a local dedicated team – and I can help you achieve success in this particular market.

 Quebecers value original content specifically curated for them.They seek it out, consume it frequently, share it with friends, and continue to discuss it at length in a variety of forums.

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